Lewes District Council group call for action on the cost-of-living crisis

90% of low-income households on Universal Credit are currently going without essentials.

Some food banks in Lewes District have experienced a 60% increase in members in a year.

Lewes District Food Partnership as part of the Cost of Living – Partners Action Group (CoLPAG) is calling for better policies to support residents through the Cost of Living Crisis. 

The CoLPAG group, which is chaired by Lewes District Council, represents a coalition of 25 community groups and council representatives. CoLPAG meet monthly to discuss the issues that are impacting residents the most and to discuss joined-up approaches across the district.  Whilst community groups and groups such as Citizen’s Advice Bureau and Money Works are working tirelessly to provide support and advice to residents, the increased demand witnessed across frontline services reflects a reality that our social security system is falling short.

In this letter, the Cost of Living – Partners Action Group joins the Joseph Rountree Foundation and the Trussell Trust to call for UK political party leaders to Guarantee Our Essentials, and create a legal guarantee that Universal Credit covers life’s essentials.

We call for our local political representatives to:

  • support the #GuaranteeOurEssentials Campaign
  • to attend a meeting with the Cost-of-Living Partners Action Group to discuss the sustainability of community projects supporting residents

According to the Trussell Trust "around five in six low-income households receiving Universal Credit are going without at least one essential like food, a warm home or toiletries".

Our joint letter also reflects shared concern that the Autumn Budget does not include renewal of the Household Support Fund, which has been a lifeline to residents and the frontline services supporting them over the last two years. This raises serious questions about the sustainability of projects delivering vital support services to residents.

What can you do to support our call to action?

Local political representatives:

–> Add your name to the open letter by emailing info@lewesdistrictfoodpartnership.org

–> Raise these issues with your political party leaders

Residents of Lewes District: 

–> Ask your local political representatives (town mayors, district councillors…)  to sign the letter

–> Sign the Trussell Trust petition 

Representatives of frontline organisations: 

–> Add your name to the open letter by emailing info@lewesdistrictfoodpartnership.org


A message from a resident in Lewes District who uses a food bank. Living with food-insecurity can have long-term psychological impacts and affect the way you engage with the world.

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