The Seaford Head School Vegetable Garden


I began helping with the Seaford Head school gardening group in April. The students planted lots of vegetable seeds which grew very well in their care. Sadly when they were planted outside, the local foxes and badgers had fun digging them up! There were lots of plants leftover though which were sold to school staff with the proceeds going to Seahaven Storehouse.

The teachers thought a polytunnel may be more successful. Luckily a grant from Lewes District Food Partnership became available which they received.


During the summer holidays, members of the public helped school teachers to build the polytunnel and raised beds. The school received a mountain of compost! After taking what we needed, the rest was offered to the local community. Seaford Head students gave up their Saturday to help fill bags and carry the compost to cars.

The Eco club for years 7,8 and 9, led by teacher Helen Green have got to work straight away, planting late vegetables, finishing the last fiddly jobs to secure the polytunnel, watering the vegetables and learning lots about insects. It’s amazing what can be achieved with so many hands in one hour. I’m excited to watch the garden transform and teach young people how to grow food.