We did it! – Lewes District Food Partnership receives a Bronze Award from Sustainable Food Places

Lewes District Food Partnership have achieved a bronze award from Sustainable Food Places for work achieved locally on building better food systems for people and for the planet. 
The Sustainable Food Partnership network makes up over 90 local food partnerships across the UK. Lewes District Food Partnership along with 14 others, have achieved recognition in this round of Bronze Awards in areas such as food governance and strategy, healthy food for all, and Good Food Movements.
Read our successful application here: https://www.sustainablefoodplaces.org/awards/awardwinners/

LDFP has a clear terms of reference, along with an easy read summary. Our values are:
• Inclusive & accessible using simple language, actively seeking new membership from less represented groups, valuing all contributions whilst still allowing for difference. Engaging everyone in the conversations with an emphasis on making decisions WITH people, not FOR

• Optimistic, hopeful & brave knowing we have strong local knowledge & expertise and that together we have a louder voice to achieve our aims of a more sustainable food system.

• Friendly & approachable attending community events and engaging with seldom heard groups, public facing and transparent, asking for and welcoming feedback, and fostering a non-judgemental environment.

Our shared vision is that nutritious, affordable, local, sustainably produced food is available to everyone in Lewes District. The aims of LDFP are to:
• Challenge the status quo whilst taking an asset-based approach in the community to celebrate and promote local community food projects.

• Create strong and new local food networks, developing examples of best practice for
sustainable food projects and co-ordinated action.

• Build sustainable, inclusive, healthy communities around food with a participatory

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