A visit to Peverells Community Garden in Seaford

Gemma Mcfarlane from Incredible Edible Seaford, who works with our Grow Cook Eat network went to visit Peverells Community Garden in Seaford. Here’s a bit about her visit:

It has been exciting to watch this garden grow from an idea into reality. Miriam Thundercliffe and Dan Ori had a vision to create a community garden from this forgotten corner of Seaford. When they found the space, it was a square patch of grass with two large beech trees at one end.

They began by contacting Lewes District Council, who they found the land belonged to. They were directed to the Parks manager who listened to their ideas. The council used the setting up of this garden to refine their policy on the use of their land for a community garden. Because of this, it took a year to get the official go ahead with the garden. Thanks to the Peverells project, the process should be quicker for other new projects wanting to use land belonging to Lewes District Council. Miriam and Dan used this time to talk to the neighbours to make sure they would like a new garden, listen to any ideas or concerns and recruit volunteers to get involved. It also gave them time to get to know the space well and think about what would work well. They also needed to apply for funding. They were generously supported by the Chair of Lewes District Council, Ouse Valley Climate Action, and Lewes District Food Partnership small grant.

When I went to visit, a small team were putting together a large polytunnel. This will provide a longer season for things to grow and is a great place to work or take a break if it’s cold or wet outside.

Dan proudly showed me around the site. Knowing the importance of good compost, the volunteers have built a six bay compost from pallets. Three bays to divide the waste into greens and browns and three to mix them together to get the right mix for the perfect compost.

There will be raised beds with plenty of space around them for anyone in a wheelchair to access. There will be plenty of space for local residents to use the space to relax in too which was something the neighbours wanted in the initial discussions.

The team have so many fantastic ideas for using the space. After seeing what progress has been made so far, I can’t wait to see what will be there on my next visit. The garden will also be used for workshops and events. The garden is open on a Tuesday and Friday morning from 10am. Once the building work is finished, the garden will be open more often. Follow them on Facebook to keep up to date with what’s happening or to get involved.

Link: Peverells Community Garden Facebook

If you’re interested in volunteering for a community project with a focus on community growing, cooking & eating together check out our Grow Cook Eat network and Volunteering Opportunities.

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