Emergency Food Network Christmas Appeal

The Lewes District Emergency Food Network is a network of projects across the district that collectively support over 500 households to access food.

The rising cost of living is leaving an increasing number of people unsure where their next meal will come from. Some community food projects in Lewes District have seen more than a 60% increase in their membership in a year, and with supplies of food harder to access and donations down, such projects are in vital need of financial support to continue functioning.

A message from a resident in Lewes District who uses a food bank. Living with food-insecurity can have long-term psychological impacts and affect the way you engage with the world.

Last year, our joint fundraiser raised £5,000 for these projects. This year we are aiming even higher to help projects keep up with the increased need.

Thanks to the generosity of residents, we have already unlocked £2,500 of match-funding from Sussex Community Foundation. The Enjoolata Foundation have also pledged to match our funding if we reach our target of £5,000. We are asking for your help to get us over the line and ensure that upwards of £10,000 can be delivered straight to community projects on the frontline.

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