Evaluation of the Seahaven Community Food ‘Community Supermarket’ model

Seahaven Community Food is SCDA’s Community Food Team; they run two community supermarkets in Newhaven and Peacehaven as well as a Community Kitchen, a Community Fridge at Denton Island Community Centre and various community events & cookery courses, as well as supporting over 100 volunteering opportunities with food at the heart of what they do. 
Community Supermarkets are an alternative model of community food support that is different to a food bank. Seahaven Community Food were recently the subject of some research conducted by Kingston University titled “Social Supermarkets, nutrition implications and healthy eating: exploration of members and their views”
Take a look at this really interesting report which has been published in the Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics. It contains first hand testimonies of members describing the benefits of being a member at a Community Supermarket, as well as an exploration in to different ways of providing food aid such as ‘Pay As You Feel’ models. 

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