Food Justice at the Extinction or Regeneration Conference

In May, Stef Lake Chair of Lewes District Food Partnership, was invited to speak as part of a panel exploring food justice, at the Extinction or Regeneration conference in London, hosted by Compassion in World Farming and IPES (International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems). She spoke about the role of food partnerships as a mechanism for achieving food security.

“It was such an enormous honour to be asked to contribute to the Extinction or Regeneration conference. The programme of speakers included world renowned experts on sustainability and animal welfare, such as Vandana Shiva and Carl Safina, as well as indigenous farmers, activists and academics from across the globe. To be included was an absolute privilege and I thoroughly enjoyed engaging with the other panel members on the topic of food justice and providing a local perspective on how we are tackling food inequity – through the development of the community supermarket model and a set of principles for dignified food support.”

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