Lewes District Emergency Food Network Christmas Appeal

Lewes District Emergency Food Network is made up of 10 community food projects that are tackling poverty across the district. They partnered up for a Joint Christmas Appeal to offer an easy way for people to make one donation which will benefit hundreds of families struggling this winter. At the time of writing the appeal has raised over £5,000.

Stef Lake, Chair of Lewes District Food Partnership said: “we all know that foodbanks aren’t the solution. But at the moment they are the lifeline that people need, and they need our support. Not everybody reading this can volunteer their time, but if you can donate even £3 it will help to keep these vital organisations going through Winter. It’s a Christmas gift to those who need it most.” Stef Lake, Chair of Lewes District Food Partnership.”

In response to a question from the Sussex Express about why people need to use foodbanks Ruby Makepeace-Somerville, Coordinator of Lewes District Food Partnership had this to say: “Things like zero-hour contracts resulting in insecure and unpredictable work and a reduction in workers’ rights, wages not increasing at the same rate as inflation and benefits not covering basic costs like food and housing. We have a mental health crisis in this country and services that are there to help people are inundated with long waiting lists. People with disabilities are often left without sufficient support unable to work or provide for themselves. There is no primary reason or ‘type’ of person that uses food banks, the truth is it is more wide-spread than many realise. Rather than thinking about this as an issue that effects individuals we need to consider this as something that is deeply wrong in our society.

The Lewes District Food Partnership is committed to finding solutions to move beyond foodbanks and to finding sustainable ways to tackle food insecurity.  This sentiment is made clear by Debbie Twitchen Chair of Landport Foodbank who says: Foodbanks are not ‘normal’ and should never become acceptable as so. It is still shocking that so many people find they have no other option than to turn to what is in the main, a group of volunteers to help them survive.”

If you are passionate about the issues raised above check out our Food Charter and add your voice to the movement by making a pledge to support Good and Healthy Food For All.

The campaign is open until the 12th of January, if you’d like to contribute here is the crowdfunder.

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